Dermatological examination

The dermatological examination is used to identify, treat or monitor pathologies affecting the skin and its appendages, such as: dermatitis, eczema, hives, erythema, acne, alopecia, vitiligo, pomfi, angioedemi, psoriasis or molar changes.

The dermatology clinic of the Polyspecialist Medical Center deals with skin diseases in adults and children and related therapies.
The dermatologist is a reference point for solving problems related to:

  •   skin manifestations
  •  sexually transmitted diseases
  • warts
  • herpes virus

and it is the central figure to deal with the typical acne of pubertal age in the most correct way, not even rare in adulthood.
Dermatologists also check the moles for melanoma prevention, also possibly mapping the moles with dermatoscopy,
After a careful history of the patient’s medical history and lifestyle, the dermatologist will proceed to examine the skin manifestations and make the diagnosis
and the subsequent therapy.