Centro Medico Polispecialistico structure

The Polispecialistico Medical Center (C.M.P.) is a private structure born with the aim of offering its patients a wide range of services, all characterized by speed, efficiency and low costs. Inside the C.M.P. patients will be able to find the services they need in an excellent quality, without giving up the basis for a serene approach: a welcoming atmosphere, almost total availability on the part of staff and collaborators, attention to details and, above all, professionalism.
The basic principles of our structure are the following:

  • Equality to every client – Equal treatment is guaranteed with the same need, without distinction of sex, race, religion, political opinion, economic condition;
  • Impartiality towards of all patients – Equal opportunities for access to information and services;
  • Continuity and regularity of care;
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency – The current and future adjustments that the Clinic will address are the basis for achieving the objectives of efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided.

Standard and quality

  • Simplified booking methods – book by phone any kind of visit or exam;
  • Reduced waiting time for reservationsFrom three to ten working days, except for particular services;
  • Waiting time for exam or visit Booking time strictly respected, except unexpected events that will be attempted to communicate promptly;
  • Easy identification of services – Presence of clear indications and signposting;
  • Confort nella sala d’attesaAll the rooms are air-conditioned;
  • Comfort in the waiting room
    There are toilets for the public, (for people with disabilities also) adequately reported and treated hygienically
  • Identification of personnel – Each operator is provided with a tag with name and qualification.

Structure Organization

The Polyspecialist Medical Center is administratively organized by an Administrative Director and scientifically by a Health Director. The daily report with the users is managed by two secretaries present in the structure during normal working hours.

The medical specialists in the structure operate and organize in full autonomy but in compliance with the directives established by the Health Department. The other procedures that can be identified in the service charter are provided by external consultants.

User access criteria and mode

Patients and external parties of the CMP can request their service by booking directly to the secretary or by telephone booking. The waiting time for the service is dictated exclusively by the booking lists of the various professionals.

Programs and commitments

Our main commitment to clients is to guarantee a high-level health care service in both health and organizational terms.
The use of high-profile health personnel, university professors or primary hospital staff supported by staff who plan and control the strictly technical aspects is the basis of our service:

  • Handling of the polyclinic instrumentation according to the rules contained in the Legislative Decree 81/2008 on the Safety and Health of Workers;
  • Waste disposal according to current legislation;
  • Systematic detection of waiting times;
  • Questionnaire for the collection of user reviews.

Safety and hygiene of the setting

The CMP operates in accordance with Law 81/2008 concerning safety at work. The quality and functionality control of the equipment and tools is systematically implemented through:

  • periodic maintenance interventions;
  • functionality checks;
  • calibration interventions.

The operative protocols drawn up by the Management define the responsibilities and operating procedures for:

  • cleaning and sanitizing of rooms and work environments;
  • disinfection and sterilization treatments of equipment and instruments;
  • personal hygiene and use of personal protective equipment.

Anything that cannot be sterilized is strictly disposable.

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