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Nicola Zerbinati

Nicola Zerbinati

Dermatology and Venerology

The professor. Nicola Zerbinati, born August 19, 1967, after graduating from the Ugo Foscolo High School in Pavia with diploma, enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Pavia where he graduated in September 1992 the experimental thesis entitled: “Immunological, tissue and blood changes in patients with Lichen Planus, treated with Ciclosporina A”, supervisor prof. Rabbiosis, obtaining therefore in 1993 the qualification and registration to the Order of the Physicians of Pavia.
He obtained in February 1997 at the University of Pavia the diploma of specialization in Dermatology and Venereology, supervisor prof. Rabbiosis, discussing the thesis: “Clinical and instrumental assessments of cutaneous implants and keratinocyte cultures”. During his specialization he worked on cutaneous immunopathology, directing his interest towards the method of cell cultivation and hybridization. He was personally involved in the computer reorganization of the clinic in anticipation of the advent of the new coding and classification systems (DRG). Since 1999 he is a University Researcher at the Department of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Insubria.

Scholarship holder in the dermatological area – Title “Clinical and instrumental assessments of cutaneous implants and keratinocyte cultures” at the IRCCS – Policlinico S. Matteo, Pavia. (1997)

Scholarship holder in Dermatology and Venereology at the University of Insubria. (1999)

From 2011 he actively collaborates with the Urogynecology group of the San Raffaele University of Milan and with the Institute of Histology of the University of Pavia for the study of pathologies of dermatological interest at the vulvar and vaginal level. The research activities deeply related to these clinical and laboratory experiences have led to the codification of new laser therapeutic proposals in the treatment of pathological and physiological urogenital atrophy from 01-01-2011 to today.

Scientific responsible project FAR 2016 University of Studies Insubria from 01-01-2016 to 31-12-2016

Scientific manager of the FAR 2017 project University of Insubria from 01-01-2017 to present Direction of the research project (project partner of the University of Insubria) on European funds ” Hyaluronic acid and the new frontier of medicine “.DDM OF ADMISSION OF THE INSTANCE OF ACCESS No 1916 OF 10.26.2016 REGIONAL ELIGIBILITY COMMUNICATION: PROT.158DEL 02.11.2016 from 02-11-2016 to today.

Lecturer in a specialization course in Aesthetic Medicine directed by Prof. Boggio Robutti – established pursuant to article 16 of the D.P.R. 10-3-1982 at the University of Pavia (Academic Years 1997/1998 and 1998/1999).

Title holder of the Dermatology and Venereology course of the Laura Masters course in Medicine and Surgery University of Insubria – Varese from 01 -01-1999 to today.

Professor at the II level University Master in Aesthetic practice dermatology for the academic year 2009/2010 University of Florence from 02-12-2009 to 31-12-2010.

Dermatology and Venereology of the degree course in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, University of Insubria – Varese from 01-01-2011 to today. Professor at the second level MASTER of the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata “: LASER IN DERMATOLOGY.

Lasers and other light sources: diagnostic and therapeutic applications in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine for academic years 2014-2018 (from 01-11-2014 to present).

Professor at the research doctorate in Experimental and Translational Medicine – XXXII cycle set up at the Universitỳ of Insubria Studies from 01-01-2017 to today.

Director of the II level Master in Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology at the University of Insubria – Varese for academic years 2016-2018 from 01-01-2016 to today.

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