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The Centro Medico Polispecialistico

The Centro Medico Polispecialistico S.r.l. is a private structure, which goal is to provide to the patient, a fast, efficient and cost-effective service.

In our C.M.P. patients can be able to find an unique quality in the services they need, without renouncing a peaceful approach to a medical center. We offer: a welcoming atmosphere, the full availability of staff and co-workers, care to details and especially competence.

The basic principles of our Structure:

  • Equality to each patient. We guarantee equal treatment for any request, regardless of sex, race, religion, political opinion, economic status;
  • Impartiality towards all patients, with equal opportunities to access to information and services;
  • Continuity and regularity of care;
  • Efficacy and Efficiency. Current and future Clinic improvements are the fundamentals in maintaining these objectives in our provided services.


Standards and quality

Easy Reservation - Every type of visit or examination can be booked simply by phone;
Waiting time for reservations - Usually three to ten working days (special services excluded);
Waiting time for exam and/or a visit - Follow the timing of booking, we will promptly notify the patient of any unexpected delay;
Easy identification of services - Presence of clear indications and signs;
Comfort lounge - All rooms are equipped with air conditioning;
Hygienic and ease of access sanitation - Presence of public toilets, properly marked and clean (WC for people with disabilities are obviously present and separated);
Staff Identification - Each operator is provided with an ID tag with name and title.


Internal organization of the structure

The CMP is administrated by a Managing Director and scientifically organized by a Chief Medical Officer. Two secretaries are always present during normal working hours and are able to provide the basic informations to the patients. The medical specialists operating in our Clinic, work and organize their medical services autonomously but within the Health guidelines established by the Healthcare Authority.

The other procedures identified in the "carta dei servizi" are provided by external specialists.


Criteria and modalities for user access

Reservations in our Clinic may be executed directly to the secretary or by phone. The waiting time for the service is dictated solely by booking lists of various professionals.


Programs and commitments

Our main commitment towards patients is to guarantee a high level of health-care in both health and organizational aspects. The employment of high-skilled health personnel, university professors or head Physicians supported by staff that plans and controls the technical aspects, is the baseline of our service::

  • Handling of the equipment of the Clinic in accordance with the provisions contained in "D. Lgs. 626/94 sulla Sicurezza e Salute dei Lavoratori";
  • Waste disposal according to local regulations;
  • Systematic measurement of waiting times;
  • Questionnaire to collect feedback from users.


Management of confidential data - Privacy Policy

All administrative staff and physicians who work in the building are bound by professional secrecy. In accordance with the "Legge 196/03 sul Trattamento dei Dati Personali", the assisted, as a subscriber, has already provided for themselves and their family with the consent which authorizes the use of data exclusively for the purpose of diagnosis and treatment by doctors and staff of C.M.P.. This also includes the collection of medical records and other medical documents, as well as other documents related to the administration necessary for the purposes mentioned above (e.g.: informed consents to treatments).


Occupational safety and health environments

The Centro Medico Polispecialistico operates in accordance with the "Legge 626/94 sulla Sicurezza sul Lavoro". The quality control, functionality and supply of the equipments are executed systematically by:

  • Periodic maintenance;
  • functionality control;
  • calibrations.

The operating protocols established by the Authority define the responsibilities and operating procedures for:

  • cleaning and disinfection of workplaces;
  • treatments of disinfection and sterilization of instruments and equipments;
  • personal hygiene and use of personal protective equipment.

Any tool that can not be sterilized is strictly disposable.


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